Ep 115 Nothing Ever Ends When You’re Running On Your Own Time with @Abe.Is.Abe

There’s a special kind of love and pride I feel for my creative younger family members. This week, I chat it up for my childhood money maker. One of the cousins I made bank babysitting is (almost) grown and a wildly talented musical artist. The kid is also incredibly insightful, so I definitely wanted to tap in and see how the college demographic views travel, how being a prep school kid and seeing rich ass opulence everyday may have affected his views on travel, being stopped by the Cuban police on his first trip out of the country and how COVID is shaping his college experience and shifting his views on travel. He’s also the talent who created ALL the Travel N Sh!t theme songs. Get into his artist journey and peek into how this kid (he’s 20) see’s travel.

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Guest Http://www.instagram.com/abe.is.abe
Abe on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5lUcdqQLhqhVTUe58997IB?si=1cAmNeOJSH6g9dWJYJoc-g
Abe on Clubhouse: @Abethekid
Host: http://www.instagram.com/_dCarrie 
Show: http://www.instagram.com/travelnsh_t 
Clubhouse: @TravelNShit
Network: http://www.instagram.com/Beatsonfilm 

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Because Black Lives ALWAYS Matter 👇🏽

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